Hamlin Fire Department

From the book "Remembering Hamlin:1802-2002" by Mary E. Smith, page 38.


Hamlin Fire Department

Hamlin didn't have a fire company for a long time. All they had was two wheeled hose carts. I belonged to one of those hose companies - Hydrant Hose Co. #1. I joined in 1923. They bought those carts and started a volunteer company when the water line was put through to Brockport in 1914. The hydrants were put on Brockport's water line and when Germ Elliot's store burnt, they opened the hydrant up so quick that it cracked the base of the pump. Then after that they started building the Hamlin water line on the opposite side of the road and they had to move all the hydrants over to that side of the road. After that, Hollwedels bought out the plant where Duffy Mott is. They had a kiln burn one night and they put two lines of hose on and the water came out and just dropped straight down out of the nozzle. No pressure! Then they investigated to find out why. Brockport had put a piece of three-inch pipe into the six-inch line and it reduced the volume coming in so much we wasn't getting water. Then the insurance company got after them and made'em take it right out of there!


The other hose company was the Hamlin Hose Co.#1. Hamlin Hose Co. #1 held its first meeting on July 24, 1914, according to its minutes, and elected Harry Burke its first president. They both started at the same time. The Hydrant Hose Co. was for the north part of Lake Road, around the (train) station. (Singleton was in on that, too!) They kept their hose cart in Penner's shed. The Hamlin Hose Co. was down around Hamlin Center and they kept their hose cart near the corner of Routes 18 and 19, north of the Baptist church, across from Felts' Hardware Store.


The fire companies got together to hold the "Field Days". They had the first one the year they started up (1914).


In the beginning, when they had the bucket brigade, the fire alarm (if you could call it that) was at T.O. Swanson's barn. There were two posts there that held a locomotive wheel and they'd hit that with a sledgehammer like a gong when there was a fire. Later, they moved that down to the blacksmith shop. They finally bought a bell and put it on top of the telephone office.


The Hamlin Fire Companies

Wilbur "Bill" Leverenz

"I was born in Hamlin in 1906. When the new fire company started in 1928 "Dutch" Seaman and myself were the first young fellas to join the new company. Then Roy Wolf joined and I believe the next one was Chuck Lynch. Chuck was secretary. When the new company was formed the meetings were held in Singleton Hall, up over Dollard's block of stores in the old dance hall there.


You see, there were two fire companies, Hamlin Hose Co. #1 and the Hydrant Hose Co. #1. And when the new fire company started, the two companies joined together. They bought a lot from Fred Fishbaugh in June 1929 and then they moved the old #6 school down for a fire hall. At that time they still had an old Model 'T' chemical truck. They used to have that fire truck stationed in that little shed at (William 'Blootch' Nesbitt's, on the north side of Railroad Ave. (the 5th house from the corner). How long it was kept there, I don't know. They didn't have any place else to keep it.


I was with the fire department for 38 years."


The first Hamlin Fire Department three bay building was built in 1945. It was later enlarged to accommodate two additional trucks. It was razed and replaced in 1979, by the present nine bay fire hall.

Hamlin Fire Department Chief Officers

Charles Garrision, 1st Chief on the hose carts

James Burke

George Grimm

John Jurhs

Raymond Townsend

Fritz Leverenz 1953-1954

Vincent Batty 1955-1959

Edward Prince 1960-1961

William Seaman 1962

George Dorgan Sr. 1963-1965

Milton Koss 1966-1969

Richard Koss 1970-1972

Gerald Lemcke 1973-1975

Richard Sietmann 1976

John Baase 1977

John (Jack) Prince 1978-1980

Daryl Prince 1981-1983

William Seaman 1984-1988

Michael Young 1987-1989

James Guion 1990-1991

George (Skip) Dorgan Jr. 1992-1994

Steve Dorgan 1995-1997

Doug Brown 1998-2000

Scott Witte 2001-2003

Ralf Kurzowski 2004

Daryl Prince 2005-2007

Tom Sercu 2008-20010

Allen Smith 2011-2012

In 2013 the Hamlin Fire District combined with the Morton and Walker Fire Districts. 

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