Morton FD History & Chief

From the book "Remembering Hamlin:1802-2002" by Mary E. Smith, page 96.


Morton Fire Department


In 1914 the former Presbyterian Church was sold to the Grange who sold it to the Morton Fire Company in 1935. The Morton Fire District was organized on November 23, 1929, under the leadership of Charles Lind Jr. to provide local fire protection. The first commissioners elected were: Charles Lind Jr., Elmer Timmerman, Millard Hincher, James Bissell and Robert Wolfe. Their first meeting was held July 14, 1930.


They installed an alarm system in the Cold Storage building and kept their first truck there until other arrangements could be made. When they obtained the Grange Hall in 1935 they built a truck room on the south side of it. The first Field Day was held on August 19, 1933 and a parade was held with about 50 floats taking part. About 1965 there was a fire in the tower of the converted fire hall and after much discussion it was decided to tear the building down and put up a new metal building. And so, with progress, one more original historic building was destroyed.


Morton Fire District Chief Officers

Charles Lind 1930

Carl W Kruger 1931-1933

Charles Lind 1934

Web Anderson 1935-1936

Pearl Cortright 1937

Web Anderson 1938-1941

Martin Lemcke 1942

Web Anderson 1943-1948

Louis Kettenburg 1949

Norman Williams 1949

Walter Lemcke 1950-1951

Web Anderson 1952-1953

Vern Root 1954-1959

Jim Curtis 1960-1962

Howard Townsend 1963-1964

Bernie Colburn 1965

Robert Miller 1966-1968

Gerry Wahl 1969

John Curtis Sr. 1970-1980

Doug Fagan 1981

Glen Wilson 1982-1984

Darwin Hale Sr. 1984-1987

John Curtis Jr. 1988-1989

John Devault 1990

John Curtis Jr. 1991-1992

Gary Zinsmeister 1993-1995

Terry Rockow 1996-1999

Rick Everroad 2000-2001

Ken Kern 2002-2007

Cliff Burch 2008-2012

In 2013 the Morton Fire District combined with the Hamlin and Walker Fire Districts.

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