Walker Fire Department

From the book "Remembering Hamlin:1802-2002" by Mary E. Smith, page 61.


Walker Recollections by Walter Graupman


...Afterwards, the dance hall was moved down north and that was the first Walker Fire Hall. My father had the steam engine and Bill Nesbitt had the skids and they moved it down there. It took them about three days but they got it there! Waterstreets owned the property and gave it to the fire company. The fire department added the gable on the front of the building. They held their meetings upstairs and, later on, they practiced for the minstrels there. They had a pool table up there, too.


The original Walker Fire Hall was razed and replaced in 1969. On the original building there was a chalkboard between the truck doors that was used to identify the location of the emergency for firemen (and passers-by) before radios were commonly used.


There wasn't much of a fire company before they incorporated. They had two rigs -chemical rigs on two wheels with a tongue that stuck out. The firemen had to draw the rigs - they weren't horse drawn. The fire carts held the hose as well as the chemical tank. The chemical tanks held about 50-60 gallons. To activate them, you would break the bottle and foam under pressure would come out. B.J. Snook had one of the rigs - maybe both of them.

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