Lakeshore Flooding Calls

August 27, 2019. While lake levels thankfully, are decreasing, this article contains the fire districts guidelines about what we can and can't do.

In the event of the increased lake levels causing flooding to a home, the Hamlin Morton Walker Fire District has created the following guidelines. Please remember that the district is responsible for all fire and most emergency medical call for the whole district and thus need to act in a way to cover other emergency calls during any flooding situations.

If available, a line officer will respond and check the situation prior to any apparatus leaving a station. If an officer is unavailable after 10 minutes, fire personnel will take a squad to assess the situation. 

Unfortunately we can’t control the weather or the lake levels. We do not loan out portable pumps. We do not pump yards. If a home owner’s pump cannot keep up with incoming water, more than likely, it will not after we pump it out. We do not pump empty crawl spaces; they are built for flooding and normally have pressure relief panels at ground level. Better to leave it alone. If the ground is saturated and the fire department pumps out the basement, the pressure on the foundation will be unequal and could cause a foundation failure. The water pressure inside is equal to the water pressure outside, we don’t want to disturb the equilibrium. When the water goes away outside we can help.

If a homeowner has a failed sump pump, they have power, and a new pump ready to go in, the fire department will pump the basement. If the homeowner doesn’t have power or a sump pump they are welcome to call the fire department back after they have secured both a new pump and have electricity.

When the fire department arrives on scene we will assess the situation. If the fire department suspect structural failure of a building, they will call the building department to the scene have them make the determination and assume the liability. If the home is not in a livable condition, the fire department will recommend the homeowner find somewhere else to stay. It may be a few days before there is any emergency relief. When in doubt, the fire department will have the utility company red tag water compromised appliances. 

If a homeowner is not satisfied with any of the fire departments answers to their problems, please call the chief’s office phone, 964-2330 and follow the prompts. 



What we can do

What we can’t do

Pump a basement with a failed sump pump while the owner installs the new one that they already have on location and the home has electricity.

Control lake levels

Contact the Building Dept. for an emergency assessment a home’s structural integrity.

Loan out portable pumps

Facilitate getting Red Cross Emergency Relief for a homeowner whose home has been compromised by flooding.

Pump out empty crawl spaces or yards

Contact utility company to red tag water compromised appliances.


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